Posh Mahal Logo

An old friend asked me to create the brand identity for her new business venture – an online boutique showcased unique arts and crafts from around the world.

Posh Mahal is a mecca for up-and-coming, un-established artists from around the world. Posh Mahal is the embodiment of artistic manifestation at its most pure and appealing.

From the high-end, the unique to cutting edge items that you probably won’t see anywhere else, the website will be your opportunity to break out of the ordinary. Created by a frustrated style junkie with amazing artist friends she’s found across her many world travels.

Posh Mahal is a boutique for those who hate department stores but feel they’re the best place to pick-up jeans. Those who have ever had their teenage sibling guess where they bought their home décor.

Those who want to be known as “THE” source for what is fashionable and unique. Those who don’t live anything like the pictures in the magazines but look like they do.

View the website design.